Nothing Happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes.


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Mitsuyuki Sekizawa
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Mitsuyuki Sekizawa I never thought that they were a metal band from Switzerland.
Usually,I seldom listen to the music like this.
The sound is hard to categorize.
Progressive metal?
No,I can't always say so.
Some of them are like black metal.
I don't know why but they have something enchanted. Favorite track: The Great Deception.


Debut album released 13 october 2012.

1. The Great Deception
2. Banner Of Lies
3. Buried
4. Of Loss And Disgust
5. Life/Less
6. Genesis
7. The New Face Of Mankind
8. Thus Spoke
9. Sickness Unto Death
10. Oblivion


released October 13, 2012

All songs performed by Promethee.
Recorded and mixed by Vladimir Cochet at Conatus Studio.
Mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music Studio.

All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


PROMETHEE Geneva, Switzerland

Progressive metal hardcore from Geneva, Switzerland.
Debut album is out! Get it on iTunes

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Track Name: The Great Deception
All is a lie that we have fallen to.
Bring us to our knees, in the despair of what we believed.
This is a downfall, this is the tragedie's end.
This is the great deception.
To hell with love, to hell with hope.
Feelings you can’t really feel.
And the dying man thought to himself.
"The horror, the horror."
And if it was just nothingness?
How can I feel peace, in such emptiness?
Watch me as I descend into nothingness
I refuse and I deny, a fate written in stone, older than I, older than time.
Track Name: Banner Of Lies
This is the end of everything, that you were living for and that you were living to die for.
Labour all night and day just to see it all fucking fade away.
What will your tomorrow bring?
Blindfolded and doomed we hide behind the mass hypocrisy
We hide behind the mask of our own comfort.
Open your mind and you will see the illusion of safety will fade away into despair.
Nothing’s left
Blood spilled for your fathers.
Deflorated once again.
To bring to this world the ones who will bury you alive.
I see you waving high that banner of lies.
Track Name: Sickness Unto Death
There comes a time in one’s life when man has to realise that when the going gets tough, there’s no place to run.
I’m at the forefront of my own existence and I don’t have a clue.
This cold heart screams tonight, but yet I am alone.
And as we see the sunset rise we are faced with the eternal wrath.
I want to live, I want to love, afraid of falling into banality
I want to fight, I want to fuck, yet I find comfort in this all.
I'm scared to live, I'm scared to love, afraid of falling into banality
I'm scared to fight, I'm scared to fuck, yet I find comfort in this all.
When will this cycle ever ends, I'm waiting onwards
Onwards I’m done, will this cycle never ends. I'm pleading for this to end.